Pritchett Cartoons

        Political cartoons by John Pritchett for Honolulu Civil Beat. Cartoons are listed below by date and title. Click on the title to see the image. Comments, questions: Email Pritchett

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    1 New Year Hat Trick for Governor Dr. Green.
    8 Up In smoke
  15 Legislators propose legalized gambling in Hawaii
  22 $33.5 million dumped into State Capitol pools
  29 Hawaii Governor Josh Green has full plate of issues.

    5 Hawaii Judge Dan Foley is Daniel in the Lions' Den.
  12 Spike in property tax has renters, home owners in tears.
  19 Self-serving lawmakers torpedo term limits.
  26 OHA wants to build highrise towers at Kakaako Makai

MARCH 2023
    5 Luxury yacht goes aground on Mauiu spilling diesel fuel.
  12 Hawaii senate passes bill to legalize recreational marijuana.
  19 Self-serving Honolulu mayor, city council to get huge pay hikes.
  26 Donovan Dela Cruz, Michelle Kidani are Senate Bullies.

APRIL 2023
    2 Twenty million dollors wasted on Aloha Stadium planning.
    9 House Speaker Scott Saiki rules the roost at the Hawaii legislature.
  16 Honolulu looks like a third world city, Mayor ignores maintenance.
  23 Mayor Blangiardi announces interim operations of rail in July.
  30 CNN's Don Lemon, Fox News' Tucker Carlson fired!

MAY 2023
    7 Democracy Dies in Darkness.
  14 Democratic Party sailing into storm with bad Biden polls.
  21 Hawaii Tourism Authority dead, Governor Green revives agency.
  28 Former Hawaii Senator Sam Slom passes.

JUNE 2023
    4 Tommy Waters puts cart before horse, pay raises before full time.
  11 Honolulu Star Advertiser is Cheerleader for Rail.
  18 Donald Trump 2024
  25 Hawaiians in Las Vegas

JULY 2023
    2 Honolulu Mayor Blangiardi rides Honolulu rail car at interim opening.
    9 Tommy Waters looks for cost savings to pay for city council pay raises.
  16 Senator Donovan Dela Cruz uses state agencies to buy and develop land.
  23 Congressman Ed Case is awarded for protecting the marine environment.
  30 Honolulu Star-Advertiser in red ink, fires writers, editors.

    6 Monster houses on Oahu, City ignores violations.
  13 A solution to the ferral pig problem on Oahu.
  20 Lawyers flock to Maui following wildfire disaster.
  27 Fire hazzard warnings ignored by government.

    3 Maui county and Hawaiian Electric blame each other for Maui wildfires.
  10 Historic, Dillingham kamani trees cut down to make way for rail.
  17 Maui Mayor Bissen not talking.
  24 HART Chairwoman Coleen Hanabusa gags board member Natalie Iwasa.

    1 Hawaii State Art Museum renamed "Capitol Modern" for $150,000.
    8 Five Honolulu City Council members on junket to Seoul, South Korea.
  15 Maui Mayor Bissen approves soiltac to seal up burn site toxic materials.
  22 A corrupt Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting.
  29 Honolulu rail chair Colleen Hanabusa stirs HART PR brew.

    5 Antique Hawaii state computers, upgrade on hold.
  12 Joe Biden in hot water ahead of 2024 election.
  19 Hawaii Governor Green and House Speaker Saiki visit Japan.
  26 Tidal wave of Maui fire lawsuits threatens to overwhelm Hawaii's courts

    3 Maui agencies stonewall wildfire investigation.
  10 Alaska Airlines buys Hawaiian Airlines. Some folks already onboard.
  17 U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono cracks down on cockfighting.
  24 Josh Green is Santa with huge bag of goodies.
  31 2023 wipes out as 2024 shreds wave into future.

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