Pritchett Cartoons

        Political cartoons by John Pritchett for Honolulu Civil Beat. Cartoons are listed below by date and title. Click on the title to see the image. Comments, questions: Email Pritchett

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    7 Hawaii minimum wage goes to $14 per hour.
  14 Mike Miske trial is a spectical
  21 Honolulu Star Advertiser bankrupt!
  28 Money burns at state legislature.

    4 Skyline (Honolulu Rail) ridership trending down.
  11 Honolulu Mayor and City Prosecutor oppose recreational marijuana.
  18 Joe Biden is the grumpy old man.
  25 Tulsi Gabbard on short list for Trump VP.

MARCH 2024
    3 UH regent nominations on the chopping block.
  10 Stadium killer house bill threatens Senator Wakai's pet project.
  17 HCDA would turn Lahaina into a Manhattan of the Pacific.
  24 House bill to cut state funding for the arts killed.
  31 Four Hawaii BOE chairs in two years.

APRIL 2024
    7 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a Joe Biden spoiler?
  14 Hawaii rate payers are steamed over higher electric bills.

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