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        Political cartoons by John Pritchett for Honolulu Civil Beat. Cartoons are listed below by date and title. Click on the title to see the image. Comments, questions: Email Pritchett

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    2 New Year celebration Omicron explosion.
    9 White House snowed-in, Biden agenda blocked, Bad poll numbers
  16 Kirk Caldwell sweating bullets after three of his top officials arrested.
  23 The 2022 Hawaii legislature opens but capitol building closed to public.
  30 Hawaii Governor David Ige pledges to give everyone in Hawaii $100.

    6 Kai Kahele wants to be Hawaii Governor.
  13 Max Sword calls Honolulu City Council "The Nine Bananas".
  20 Former Hawaii lawmakers English, Cullen guilty on bribery charges.
  27 Hawaii last state with covid mask mandate.

MARCH 2022
    6 Heidi Tsuneyoshi to run for Hawaii Governor as Republican.
  13 Hawaii consumers squeezed by high gas prices, inflation.
  20 Vaping products target children.
  27 Imaginary Rail to end at imaginary civic center.

APRIL 2022
    3 Hawaii governor candidate Josh Green gets major union endorsments.
  10 Flesh-Eating bacteria lives in the Ala Wai Canal!
  17 Kai Kahele flys for Hawaiian Airlines while serving in congress.
  24 Hawaii only state to require masks in schools.

MAY 2022
    1 Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Shocking!
    8 The cat's out of the bag! SCOTUS draft opinion leaked!
  15 The Three Blind Mice, Donna Leong, Max Sword, Roy Amemiya
  22 Abandoned vehicles a blight on the environment.
  29 19 children and two adults killed at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas.

JUNE 2022
    5 Honolulu Police Department Overtime Cookie Jar.
  12 Political Action Comittees Pac-Man of money, influence and attack.
  19 Republican Duke Aiona enters race for Hawaii governor.
  26 Proposed electric boat plane for inter-island service?

JULY 2022
    3 MidWeek blurs line between editorial and advertising.
  10 SCOTUS cuts power of EPA in landmark ruling.
  17 Rail consultant David Walker blows the whistle on HART.
  24 Hawaii GOP gubernatorial contenders BJ Penn and Duke Aiona square off.
  31 Talk of a diversified economy in Hawaii is a fairy tale.

    7 Super PACS sling mud before Hawaii primary election.
  14 Postman tired after Hawaii primary election flyer deliveries.
  21 Hawaii voter turnout in 2022 primary election abysmal.
  28 Honolulu rail officials keep moving the start date goalpost.

    4 A Corrupt Honolulu Liquor Commission Needs Repair.
   11 Honolulu Little League wins World Series while UH football team struggles.
   18 Hawaii Republican Party Chair Lynn Finnegan Revives Party.

    2 Former Hawaii resident Edward Snowden granted Russian citizenship.
    9 Glenn Wakai loses New Stadium Project to Mike McCartney.
   16 Former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard leaves Democrat Party.
   23 Mauna Loa, the world's largest active volcano rumbles.
   30 Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting - Trick ot Treat!

    6 Feral roosters and feral cats in Downtown Honolulu.
   13 Charged with DUI, Representatives Har and LoPresti lose reelection.
   20 Democrats and Republicans at Thanksgiving Table.
   27 Hawaii Governor-Elect Josh Green is Hiring.

    4 Mauna Loa Erupts, Cloudy with a Chance of Lava.
   11 Newly elected Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke funny at inaugural event.
   18 Christmas gift for HART, epoxy to fill cracks in concrete supports.

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