Pritchett Cartoons

        Political cartoons by John Pritchett for Honolulu Civil Beat. Cartoons are listed below by date and title. Click on the title to see the image. Comments, questions: Email Pritchett
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JUNE 2020
  14 Hawaii's recycled politicians for 2020
  22 Hawaii Police Union Endorses Blangiardi for Honolulu Mayor.
  28 Hawaii state government slow dispersing CARES ACT funds.

JULY 2020
    5 Honolulu rail ends up as artificial reef.
  12 Mailbox is new voting booth.
  19 Ed Case and Kai Kahele on a rocket to Congress. No opposition.
  26 Kirk Caldwell termed out. Pack your bags Kirk!

    2 Keith Amemiya shoots himself in the foot.
  10 David Ige Faces Tough Choices.
  16 Hawaii Department of Health - The blind leading the blind.
  23 Honolulu rail is poison to political careers.
  30 Ige and Kirk Caldwell are Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Covid Wonderland.

    6 Like in a mystery spy novel, state government hides covid data.
  13 Key people abandon Hawaii Governor David Ige ship.
  20 Honolulu Mayor's Race is Two Doors to Hell.
  27 Senator Mazie Hirono to Battle Trump SCOTUS Nominee.

    4 Honolulu's Public Private Partnership, P3 Rail Plan Crumbles.
  11 The Relaunch of Hawaii Tourism.
  18 Honolulu Mayoral Candidate Rick Blangiardi.
  25 Donald Trump is The Great Pumpkin.

    1 Twitter, Google, Facebook accused of bias, censorship, election interference.
    8 Hawaii comedian Augie-T wins Honolulu City Council seat, district 9.
  15 Trump plays Wheel of Fortune, wants to buy a vowel.
  22 While in Hawaii, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams arrested for walking in a park.
  30 Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell leaves big mess for incoming mayor Rick Blangiardi.

    6 Kealoha stolen mailbox ends up at Bishop Museum.
  13 Donald Trump's winning streak runs out.
  20 Hawaii furloughs, laysoff state workers, when hell freezes over.
  28 Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation, HART terminates CEO, calls for the next.

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