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        Political cartoons by John Pritchett for Honolulu Civil Beat. Cartoons are listed below by date and title. Click on the title to see the image. Comments, questions: Email Pritchett
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    4 Casino Gambling proposed at legislature
  10 House Speaker Scott Saiki adds Natalie Iwasa to HART board
  18 U.S. Capitol under siege ahead of Biden inauguration.
  24 Hawaii Governor Ige begs for money from President Biden.
  31 Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz learns how to bring home the bacon.

    7 Hawaii Republican Party Road Kill
  14 Governor Ige wants to repair Aloha Stadium rust bucket.
  21 Lieutenant Governor Josh Green has a part time job, legislators disapprove.
  28 Hawaii Senator Stanley Chang to legalize magic mushrooms

MARCH 2021
    7 Cancel culture prompts removal of Dr. Seuss books.
  14 Hawaii legislators rejoice, showered with Federal dollars covid relief fund.
  21 Rip Van Winkle wakes up to find rail cost have exploded.
  28 House Speaker Scott Saiki Agrees with Himself on Lawmakers Pay Raise.

APRIL 2021
    4 Tourists are back in Hawaii after covid restrictions lifted.
  11 Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi keeps city at tier 2 inspite of rising covid count.
  18 Under attack from the old boy network, Hawaii state auditor Les Kondo fights back.
  25 Hawaii legislature ends with little but puffs of hot air.

MAY 2021
    2 Like a bad penny, Colleen Hanabusa keeps turning up.
    9 Honolulu rail project grinds to a halt at Middle Street.
  16 Eddie Flores grills Mayor Blangiardi on weak Chinatown plan.
  23 Biki Bike has a flat tire, losing money, begs for city help.

JUNE 2021
    5 It's time to push the pause button on the Honolulu rail project.
  13 COVID restrictions eased, Hawaii opens up.
  20 Hawaii's high prices for food and housing.
  27 Former city officials get target letters from DOJ.

JULY 2021
    6 Governor Ige vetos bills while legislative leaders look on with disapproval.
  11 Gypsy fortune teller sees Colleen Hanabusa as new HART chair.
  18 Hawaii secret trail not so secret anymore.
  25 Documentary film maker Anthony Aalto appointed to HART board.

    6 Hawaii's Carissa Moore wins gold at first ever Olympic surfing competition.
    8 Josh Green raises vastly more money than Kirk Caldwell in Hawaii governor's race.
  22 Joe Biden doesn't want to talk about his failed Afghanistan policy.
  29 With Covid spiking in Hawaii, Governor Ige tells tourists to stay away.

  12 Vicky Cayetano will run for Hawaii Governor in 2022.
  19 Would the last one to leave HART turn out the light.
  26 Belatti is sock puppet for Scott Saiki to attack Les Kondo.

    3 Congressman Ed Case attacked for failing to support Biden's spending bills.
  10 Only pigeons can watch UH football games from the stands.
  17 Candidates for Hawaii Lieutenant Governor 2022 sproutig up.
  24 Biden is Grinch that stole Christmas.
  31 House Speaker Scott Saiki stitches together redistricting monster.

    7 Governor Ige visits Scotland for UN climate change conference.
  14 Honolulu Police Department under scrutiny by Department of Justice.
  21 Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

    5 Honolulu Police officer reinstated after criminal conviction.
  12 Leaking Navy fuel storage tanks inside Red Hill a festering problem.
  19 Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi sends mixed signals on rail.
  26 2022 is the year of the tiger and it's an election year!

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