Obama Cartoons

Barack Obama editorial cartoons by John S. Pritchett. Click on the thumbnails below for the full view.



Syria Handoff

Foreign Policy

Benghazi Lies

Sergeant Schultz

IRS Attack Dog

Approval Ratings

The Buck Stops...

Highest Award

Obama Speech


Indoors Speech

Big Pharma

Obamacare Fixed


Death Panel

Onamacare Stink


Obama Stimulus

Recovery Summer

You didn't build it

Briar Patch

Inflicting Pain

Obama Jenga

Electric Lemon

Hawaii Vacation

Robin Hood

Obama Claus

Rodeo Clown

Pharaoh Obama

Tough Job

Gun Control

Public Financing

Candy's Bad Call

Bubba at the Bat

Old Cabinet

Milkin' It


Empty Suit

The Messiah

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