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     Editorial cartoons by John Pritchett for MidWeek. Cartoons are listed below by date and title. Click on the title to see the image.


    1 Hawaii Governor David Ige spineless on TMT issue.
    8 Hawaii's new ballot box is the U.S. mailbox.
  15 Hawaii Governor Ige proposes $2 billion more in spending.
  22 Coach Rolovich moves on, leaves behind big shoes to fill.
  29 Senate Impeachment Trial, Cure for Sleeplessness.

    5 Airliners from China could spread the coronavirus.
  12 Democratic Party is the Titanic, Trump is the iceberg.
  19 Poor Planning of the Honolulu Rail.
  26 Hawaii lawmakers have lost their way.

MARCH 2020
    4 Coronavirus becomes pandemic.
  11 Coronavirus fears cause Toilet Paper Shortage.
  18 Sport events canceled due to coronavirus pandemic.
  25 Drive-Thru Coronavirus Testing.

APRIL 2020
    1 The unintended consequences of the plastic bag ban.
    8 Home haircuts during the coronavirus lockdown.
  15 Prisoner release, COVID-19 rule violators to prison.
  22 Balance COVID-19 rules with civil liberties.
  29 Homeless man being ordered to stay home.

MAY 2020
    6 Reaction to Biden sex assualt allegations.
  13 Hawaii unemployment claims process slow.
  20 Hawaii Governor David Ige is in the Weeds.
  27 Tribute to Hawaiian Music Legend Willie K.

JUNE 2020
    3 Legislature keeps money away from Ige, Hawaii's needy.
  10 No burning, looting in Hawaii. Lucky you live Hawaii.