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     Editorial cartoons by John Pritchett for MidWeek. Cartoons are listed below by date and title. Click on the title to see the image.


    9 2019 Year of the Pig
  23 The Swamp of Corruption

    6 City Council District 4 election returns.
  20 Senate Bill 686 would legalize recreational marijuana.

MARCH 2019
    6 Hawaii Congressional Delegation mum on Fed investigations.
  20 Honolulu Parking Meter Rates Double!

APRIL 2019
    3 Hawaii voters react to proposed road usage tax.
  10 Pigeons discuss homeless situation
  17 Legislature to ban plastic straws.
  24 Ige can't get a hold of vacation rentals issue.

MAY 2019
    1 Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders at the starting line.
    8 Mueller investigation - a nothing burger.
  15 Hawaii Senate President Ron Kouchi
  22 Destruction of Waimanalo Sherwood Forest
  29 Kealoha Trial Circus

JUNE 2019
    5 Hawaii dollar worth only 84 cents.
  12 Tulsi Gabbard's 2020 presidential campaign goes off the cliff.
  19 Joe Biden flip flops on big issue in one month.
  26 Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell leaves a mess for next mayor.

JULY 2019
    3 Katherine Kealoha put in federal prison directly after guilty verdict.
  10 Kealohas found guilty, mayor says move on, nothing to see here.
  17 In spite of protests, some like the TMT.
  24 Heidi Tsneyoshi, The New Sheriff in Town.
  31 TMT protester minority are the tail wagging the dog.

    7 Honolulu City Council considers dissolving HART.
  14 Lawlessness is a growing problem.
  21 Record Heat is Good Business for Shave Ice.
  28 Honolulu 2020 mayor's race warming up...the leftovers.

    4 Pedestrian Crash
  11 Biki Bike Sweatin' the Rent
  18 Honolulu Rail Coming to Dillingham Blvd. is Scary!
  25 Federal and city authorities crackdown on illegal gambling.

    2 Hawaii Governor David Ige Job Approval Rating takes a Dive.
    9 Councilman Ron Menor fights FBI on seized documents.
  16 Hawaii's shrinking work force.
  23 Kai Kahele after Tulsi Gabbard's Congressional seat.
  30 Hillary Clinton, Tulsi Gabbard Cat Fight

    6 Criminal probe into Honolulu rail comes to city hall.
  13 Thirty Meter Telescope is Roasted Turkey.
  20 Democrats effort to impeach Trump backfires.
  27 Hawaii economic growth worst in the nation.

    4 Steve Alm runs for city prosecutor.
  11 Oahu experiencing a crime wave.
  18 Plastic Ban Hurts Local Small Business.
  25 Trump returns unwanted Christmas gift.