Although primarily a cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator,
Pritchett occasionally writes. Listed below are some of his writings.

The Adventure
This is a true story about a South Pacific adventure that took place in 1984.

Media Watch - Honolulu Weekly 4-12-06
Metropolis Magazine editors discover the truth about former mayor Jeremy Harris.

Media Watch - Honolulu Weekly 2-15-06
Mainstream news media proves cowardly over Muhammad cartoon controversy

LivCom awarded wrong city - Pacific Business News 1-7-05
Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris deceives LivCom Awards, local media fails to point out deception

Livcom Duped by Honolulu Mayor - October 18, 2004 - Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris pulls the wool over the eyes of this UN sponsored, international organization.

No News is Bad News - Honolulu Weekly 7-21-04
Local TV news fails to cover government, says it's boring, only wants feel-good stories.

Blame the Mayor for those potholes - Honolulu Star-Bulletin 1-9-04
Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris leaves the city with a crumbling, Third World infrastructure.

Blurry Vision - Honolulu Weekly 6-30-03
Mayor Harris' Vision Team program enable him to buy votes using $295 million in city funds.

Blame Mayor Harris for poor road maintenance - Honolulu Advertiser 5-20-03
Hawaii has some of the worst maintained roads in the nation thanks to Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris

Dead in the Crosswalk - Honolulu Weekly 5-9-01
Pedestrian safety issues in Honolulu


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