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The above cartoon was created in 1987. It was published in Brouhaha and in Honolulu Weekly. Collectors, including the Director of the Mayor's Office On Culture and the Arts, have purchased hand colored copies. What follows is an account of how the Hawaii Democrat machine politicized the cartoon in a smear campaign against their Republican opponent, Linda Lingle, in a close gubernatorial race.

On Sunday, November 1, 1998, just two days before the general election, U.S. Senators Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka held a news conference at Inouye's campaign headquarters. A large blow-up of the cartoon was prominently displayed. The two senators then accused the Hawaii GOP and Lingle of being racist because their Web sites linked to Pritchett's Web site where the cartoon was hosted, along with hundreds of other cartoons and illustrations.

Senator Inouye went on to say that while he was familiar with the First Amendment, this cartoon went too far.

Pritchett heard about the scheduled news conference and showed up. After the very brief presentation, Pritchett invited reporters outside to answer any questions. If you missed this story, it's because the news media didn't bite.Read Honolulu Weekly Editor's Response

The race card resurfaced in a letter to the editor, Cartoon Controversy printed in the Honolulu Weekly, October 27, 1999. The letter was written by Jackie Kido, Director of Communications, Office of the Governor and accused Pritchett of being a bigot, a racist, and lacking integrity. The letter was sparked by a more recent cartoon titled: The Money Cycle which commented on nepotism in the awarding of non-bid government contracts, illegal campaign contributions and favoritism in high-paying government appointments.

Fast forward to 2008 and we find Pritchett's "Kids at the Bus Stop" cartoon published in Honolulu Stories by Gavin Daws and Bennett Hymer, page 873.

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