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      Welcome to Jeremy's World Comics online. The original hard copy version of Jeremy's World Comics was published in 2000. It was available at local book stores, and was on the best seller list for local non-fiction (Honolulu Advertiser, Sept. 3, 2000). If you are interested in owning a copy, please Email Pritchett with your request.

      As city managing director, and then as Honolulu mayor, Jeremy Harris has provided fertile ground for the satirical "Pritchett" pen. Indeed, so many Honolulu Weekly "Pritchett" cartoons have been inspired by Jeremy's political escapades, the idea of putting them all together in a comic book was a natural. The cartoons with brief commentary tell the story of a consummate politician, a master of manipulation, half-truths and public relations illusion. You are about to enter the slippery and duplicitous realm known as... "Jeremy's World." PROCEED TO JEREMY'S WORLD COMICS!

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