The Machine 1990 © John Pritchett

Depicted in the drawing is former Hawaii Governor John Waihee in the center, above him the Japan flag flies above the U.S. and state flag because Japan was buying up Hawaii real estate like crazy (Japanese Bubble). To the left of the flags are three Dan Akaka heads because Dan was a darling of the party and slated for any and all high positions. Just below Dan, on the left is Larry Mehau known as the God Father of crime in Hawaii. Next to Larry is Honolulu Advertiser Publisher Thurston Twigg-Smith loyal mouthpiece for "The Machine.” On Waihee’s knee with the black handlebar mustache is Health Director Jack Lewin. He has a black eye because he came out against geothermal and was taken to the woodshed. Above Waihee on the right is former governor George Ariyoshi refusing money from Imelda Marcos. Just above Imelda is Senior Senator Dan Inouye controlling everything from Washington. Below Imelda in the hydraulic chair is Chief Justice William Richardson who became a Bishop Estate Trustee. Directly below Imelda is Judge Herman Lum with his arm around Tom “Fat Boy” Okuda known for fixing traffic tickets for the elite. Below these characters Hawaii’s many problems continue on.

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