By John Pritchett
Sung to the tune of "Man of Constant Sorrow"
from album of the year "O Brother Where Art Thou"

I am a man of campaign sorrow
Campaign trouble all my days
I have been accused by Bob Watada
The campaign spending laws I have abused

The campaign spending laws he has abused

I am the mayor of Honolulu
Jeremy Harris is my name
But I really want to be the governor
I take advantage and have no shame

He takes advantage and has no shame

How could Russell Blair be such a weenie
He knows I'd never resign to run
I'll just place a call to Dan Inouye
The court will be right in my hand

The court will be right in his hand

Maybe your friends think I'm slick as mayonnaise
My face you'll see most everywhere
But there is one promise, come November
I'll be the governor of this land

He'll be the governor of this land


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© John Pritchett

The Muddy Bottom Boys

Bass Guitar: Rick Ermshar, Guitar and Vocals: John Pritchett, Mandolin and Vocals: Shawn Ishimoto
Drums: Robert Fazzari, Recording Producer: Bart DaSilva (Behind the camera)