For Honolulu Weekly to portray the Bishop Estate Trustees as greedy pigs in an editorial cartoon was unprecedented. Something the mainstream, status quo Hawaii media would never have done back in 1993. But the truth is that while fewer than 1 in 10 eligible children of Hawaiian ancestry were accepted into the Kamehameha Schools, each of the five trustees raked in salaries approaching one million dollars annually. The cartoon is titled, Cream of the Machine because for many years, an appointment as trustee was held out to Hawaii Democrat Machine politicians as the ultimate reward for toeing the party line. At the time the five trustees were: Lokelani Lindsey, Richard "Dickie" Wong, Henry Peters, Myron "Pinky" Thompson and Oswald Stender ("Pinky" Thompson was replace by Gerard Jervis in 1994.)   Honolulu Weekly cartoon 5/26/1993

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