This cartoon was published in Honolulu Weekly August of 1996. Two months later state Senator Milton Holt was defeated in his bid for re-election.

As part of the state's investigation of mismanagement by the Bishop Estate trustees, it was discovered that between 1993 and 1997, ex-Senator Holt, an employee of the Bishop Estate, ran up $21,000 in charges at casinos and strip joints on a Bishop Estate credit card. Many of the charges on the credit card were for cash advances. When asked, trustee Lokelani Lindsey basically said that it was no big deal because Milton had paid back the estate. But, turns out the money Milton used to pay back the estate came from the estate in the form of a retroactive pay raise!

Holt was indicted in October 1998 on felony mail fraud related to campaign spending violations. Interestingly, he remained on the Bishop Estate payroll until late June 1999. Granted pre-trial release on condition that he stay away from crystal methamphetamine, bail was revoked after he tested positive for the third time. Holt was jailed in July and on August 24, pleaded guilty to the mail fraud charges. December 6, 1999 he was sentenced to one year in federal prison.

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